Product Name

baling twine

Product material

Polypropylene and anti-UV materials

Product industries

Packaging industries / agricultural industries


  • Due to the use of anti-UV materials, high resistance to ultraviolet rays
  • Favorable coloring that makes forage easy to identify
  • The baling twine does not stretch

Before we talk about baling twine, it is necessary to know that, for the development of civilizations, agriculture has always been the starting point and an important part, and the preparation of food and supplies through the production of agricultural products has been the main part of human life throughout history. The growth of the agricultural industry is very important today and that is why we see the use of various products. One of these products is baling twine, which can be used to transport and pack hay easily and as quickly as possible.

By using these products, farmers can perform various processes related to the production and distribution of their products in the best possible way. In this regard, we will continue to examine this baling twine and try to introduce you to the purchase and price of baling twine.

Specification of baling yarn

Baling twine is placed in the category of packing thread. It is very important to pay attention to the specifications of the products to buy them. For example, for the purchase and price of baling yarn, it is necessary to increase your information about this product so that you can buy these bags well. On the other hand, to buy baling yarn, you should know that each pair of coils can produce:

  • It has 550 packages with dimensions of 90 x 40 and if the dimensions are changed to
  • 30 x 80, this amount increases to 630 packets.

Of course, today we see the production of baling yarn in various models, and it is necessary to buy the right yarn according to your needs.

نخ عدل بندی

Features of baling yarn

Baling yarn is produced using the best polypropylene materials as raw material and permitted additives in factories. In order to buy and price baling yarn, you should pay attention to the fact that this category of products has a very high resistance to tension, does not give lint, and also does not damage the hook and needle of the devices during use. This has made it possible to use these products easily and without any special problems.

If we want to talk about the features of baling twine, we can mention the following points:

  • Due to the use of anti-UV materials, high resistance to ultraviolet rays
  • Constant diameter and proper and uniform swing
  • Favorable coloring that makes forage easy to identify
  • Due to the use of standard raw materials, if the animal swallows it, it will not cause any harm to the animal
  • The possibility of custom production of baling yarn according to customer needs
  • No absorption of water or moisture
  • Resistant to acid and alkali
  • Not disturbing the work of the knotting machine
  • unflamable
  • No linting
  • The baling twine does not stretch

Application of baling twine

“Among the main main applications of baling yarn is the packing of fodder, hay, etc. This thread is lighter than hemp threads and sisal threads. Polypropylene baling twines are used for packaging and other similar works, and most of the farmers use baling twines for the fodder packaging process. The high color variety in this product allows farmers to use different colors for packaging. Use products in different classifications.

In fact, there are threads of a certain color spectrum, including similar products, and doing this technique for packaging makes the distribution process easy and fast. For example, all fodder products are identified using one color, and fruits and vegetables also have a special and unique color. The variety of colors of these yarns makes it easy for the workers to pack the agricultural products and classify and store the products without mistakes.

نخ دروگر

The price of baling twine

People who intend to buy baling yarn and its price in the best possible way should always research the factors affecting the price of this category of products in order to purchase this yarn with full knowledge. The price of this product depends on various parameters and these factors together determine the final price of this category of products. The dimensions of the factory, the number of workers, the type of raw materials, the quality of raw materials, the price of raw materials for production, the exchange rate, the cost of buying imported materials, etc. are among the main factors that the final price of this category of products depends on. Due to the existence of these parameters, especially the exchange rate, which has a lot of fluctuations, we see daily changes in the price of these yarns. Contact us to inquire about the price of baling yarn.

Buying baling twine

The high resistance of this thread and the fact that they do not tear during work is one of the most important advantages of this category of products, and the more the resistance of these threads increases, the higher the quality of your final product, and this causes the price of the thread to increase. You can find baling yarn at different prices in the market and buy it, but it is necessary to order this category of products, in addition to checking the price of the product, you must also pay attention to its quality so that you will be completely satisfied with the product after purchase. . This category of products is very important in agricultural processes and it is necessary for agricultural activists to buy this category of threads. To buy and place an order, contact 00982188040765 and 00982188219612.

Frequently Asked Questions

The price of baling twine depends on what factors?

It depends on the type of raw materials, the quality of raw materials, the daily price of raw materials for production, the exchange rate, the cost of buying imported materials, etc.

Advantages of buying baling yarn from Lavan Woven Company?

Lavan Baft company is one of the oldest and largest producers of all kinds of packaging yarn and rope in the field of agriculture. The most important advantage of buying from this company is the reasonable price of baling yarn.

Do they add anti-UV additives to all baling yarns?

Yes, by default, in order to increase the strength of the baling twine against the ultraviolet rays of the sun, Lavan Baft is added to all baling twines. According to the customer’s request, it is possible not to add additives to this product.

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