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طناب مصنوعی
Introduction of artificial ropes
Rope is one of the practical products that many people use to do various things throughout their lives. Ropes are the interwoven fibers that enter the market in various synthetic and natural varieties. Each of them has different characteristics according to the raw materials, which in this article we intend…
تفاوت طناب طبیعی و مصنوعی
Comparison of natural and nylon rope
The primary material used for the production of rope can include polymer materials, natural materials and steel. The production of rope with each of these materials has a purpose and is produced for a specific application. Natural and nylon ropes can be used almost interchangeably. The natural materials used in…
راهنمای جامع خرید طناب
All you need to know to buy rope!
As you know, a string of fibers twisted long and twisted together is called a rope. They have different genders and each one has different uses. Among others, we can mention ropes made of: wool, nylon, hemp, steel, linen, polypropylene and other different materials. Important tips for buying rope To…
نخ پلاستیکی
What is plastic thread and what types are there?
The long and narrow strands that are produced from synthetic fibers and plastic materials such as polyethylene and polypropylene and are spun by spinning multiple strands by spinning machines are called plastic yarn. Each of these products has special features based on the quality of raw materials and different thicknesses.…
What is a plastic chicken net?
Plastic chicken net is used to keep birds and is very popular due to its high quality. Plastic netting is produced during the process of expansion, weaving and extrusion, and during the production process by combining with additives, it is possible to produce them in different colors such as yellow,…