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After humans turned to agriculture to prepare food, packing and storing and transporting products became one of the main concerns of mankind. In the past, if the packaging of agricultural products was not done correctly, the efforts of the farmers would be lost. Even now, if the packaging of agricultural products is not done correctly or low-quality yarns are used for the bag, there is no doubt that it will cause a lot of economic losses in storage and transportation. One of the best twines used for packaging agricultural products is baler twine , which can be used to transport and pack products easily and as quickly as possible. Farmers can perform various processes related to the production and distribution of their products in the best possible way by using baler twine. In this regard, we will continue to examine this baler yarn and we will try to help you with the purchase and price of baler yarn. let ‘s get acquainted.

What is Baler twine?

In English, it is a pile of paper, wheat sack, or fodder that is compressed by farmers or by machines called baler and made into a square or circle shape. Usually, these square or rectangular piles are tied with strong thread or ropes called baler twine. Baler yarn is a small diameter yarn made of sisal or synthetic material to densely pack some fibrous material (usually straw). Baler twine is made of polypropylene . Baler thread can be produced in a variety of colors so that different packages can be quickly recognized. When they are packed in different colors, they can be recognized more easily and their storage, processing and transportation will be easier and more convenient.

نخ بیلر

What materials can be made of baler twine?

As you know, the diameter of the press thread is small and it can be produced from sisal or synthetic materials. In the past, before synthetic materials and fibers were used in the production of yarn and rope, these products were produced from natural materials and fibers.


Sisal fiber is a leafy type in Central America. Sisal plants have fleshy leaves that grow from a central bud. These leaves are heavy, but 90% of their weight is moisture. Although there is a lot of water in the leaf, the nature of the leaf itself and the pulp obtained from it is rigid. These fibers are very long, creamy, yellow, green, brown or red in color. These fibers are strong, durable and have high elasticity. They are resistant to bacterial damage and salt water and are also good insulators.

artificial fiber

They are a group of fibers that are produced by special methods and are produced artificially and do not normally exist in nature, but may have natural origins. For example: acrylic fibers, polyamide (nylon), polyethylene, polypropylene, etc. Polypropylene is used in the production of baler yarn. So far, we have found that this product has two types, natural and synthetic. We will review synthetic yarn.

Types of baler yarn in terms of gender

Baler thread has two types, natural and synthetic. We are going to examine the synthetic baler yarn.

Synthetic baler twine

Polypropylene polymer is the most used in the production of synthetic baler yarns. Polypropylene is a thermoplastic “extra polymer” that is made from a combination of propylene monomers and has a low degradation rate against UV light such as sunlight.

Benefits of synthetic baler yarn
      • PP Biler yarn is 100% resistant to organic solvents and degreasers as well as electrolyte attack .
      • Polypropylene yarn does not rot and is resistant to most chemicals and acids .
      • It is not damaged by water and humidity .
The advantages of polypropylene baler yarn over sisal (natural) baler yarn
      • The weight of polypropylene threads is less .
      • The diameter of polypropylene threads is more uniform .
      • The color of the threads can be changed, so it is easier to recognize it .
      • They do not have lint and it is easier to tie them .

نخ پرس

Applications of baler twine

Baler twine can be used for packing agricultural products. For example, baler thread is used in the vineyard. It can also be used for fruits, heavy vegetables and fodder packaging to hold its stem and branch. Baler thread is also known as fodder press thread . Nowadays, polypropylene baler yarn can be used for packaging and other works .

Characteristics of baler twine

    • long lasting
    • Anti- UV
    • Attractive and diverse colors
    • Resistant to adverse weather conditions

The importance of color in baler twine

In the issue of packaging and billing, color difference and diversity is very important. People pack different colors and sizes when packing and billing different agricultural products. Packaging based on special color should be used to avoid mistakes in storing and separating products. For example, a bunch of shovels should be packed with the same color, which is different from the other colors.

The price of baler twine

This type of thread has advantages such as very high resistance and no tearing during work. This makes you feel at ease about buying a very high quality product. Lavan woven yarn has a very good price compared to other products in the market and will definitely satisfy the customers. The price of yarn press or yarn baler depends on various factors such as the size of the factory, the number of workers in the factory, the type and quality of raw materials, the price of imported raw materials and the daily exchange rate. For information on the price of yarn press, contact Lavan Baft experts keep in touch.

Buy baler yarn

Lavan Baft products are sold under the brand names of Moj and Salik. Moj and Salik are two brands that represent Lavan Buffet products. High quality pressed yarn is produced using the best raw materials and you can order the products you need from us. To buy and place an order, contact 00982188219612 .

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the baler twine resistant to sunlight?

Yes! Baler yarn or press yarn shows good resistance to ultraviolet rays due to the presence of anti-light materials.

How much does a good baler twine stretch?

High-quality press thread or baler thread should never be too long.

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