نخ گلخانه آنتی یووی

Product Name

Salik UV greenhouse twine

Product category

Product material

the best grades of polypropylene and other permitted additives

Product industries

agricultural industries / packaging industries


of not harming the skin of the hand
Resistance to high weight bearing

Lavan Baft Company started its activity in the field of production and export of all kinds of twine, especially greenhouse twine, in 1370, and continues its activity until today with more than a quarter of a century of experience and with a production capacity of 1100 tons. Greenhouse twine is one of the most popular products of this company. Greenhouse twine, also known as Garden Twine, is one of the most widely used tools and equipment in greenhouses. These threads prevent the bushes from falling by pulling them up and maintaining them. According to the type of product, threads with different thicknesses are also used .These yarns are produced using the best and highest quality polypropylene and other necessary additives, which are used in other industries such as packaging and fishing in addition to the greenhouse. In the rest of this article, we will discuss the specifications, features, uses and how to buy and the price of Lavan Baft UV greenhouse twine.

Specifications of Lavan Baft greenhouse twine

Lavan Baft company’s special greenhouse twine is prepared using the best raw materials and the best grades of polypropylene and other permitted and necessary additives and using the best and most advanced machines in the world. These yarns contain anti-uv materials in their composition and they are not damaged by ultraviolet rays and intense sunlight. These yarns are marketed under the name of Salik brand with beautiful and stylish packaging and reach the customers.

Using standard and advanced machines, this company produces yarns whose diameter and twist are the same throughout the length of the yarn. In addition, the greenhouse twine produced by this company has the exact same meter and weight in each coil, and its specifications and sizes do not change along the length of the yarn. The raw materials of the greenhouse twine produced by this company are obtained directly from the commodity exchange without any intermediary and because of being first hand, it is of high quality and does not contain any waste materials.

نخ گلخانه

The feature of the greenhouse UV Lavan weave yarn

Lavan Baft special greenhouse yarns with their high strength are resistant to any pressure, tension and damage and are not affected by environmental changes. This product easily supports very high weights and does not tear easily. These threads are very soft and flexible due to the use of high-quality raw materials, and while they do not rot, they also do not harm the hands. Also, if they are swallowed by animals, they will not cause any problem for them.

Lavan Baft company’s Salik greenhouse twine is non-flammable and does not catch fire when exposed to heat. Among the other features of UV Lavan Baft greenhouse yarn, we can mention their high durability. For this reason, in addition to the greenhouse, these threads are also used in product packaging .

Benefits of greenhouse yarn

  1. Absence of fluff in greenhouse twine
  2. The desired color and appearance of greenhouse yarn and can be distinguished from fodder
  3. Greenhouse twine is resistant to chemical substances and environments such as acidic and alkaline environments .
  4. Very high strength and resistance
  5. Very soft and flexible
  6. Resistance to tension and environmental factors
  7. There are no knots or tears along these threads
  8. No damage to the skin of the hand
  9. Resistance to high weight bearing
  10. It has the same diameter and twist along the length of the thread
  11. inflammable

نخ گلخانه

Application of greenhouse twine

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, this thread is used in greenhouses to pull up and hold the bushes and prevent the products from falling. Special greenhouse twine is used in the cultivation of crops such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and other vegetables. With the help of these threads, you can grow more plants in your greenhouse and make the most of the available space. These threads are used in the packaging industry to secure and close the lids of cartons and boxes. Also, this product is used to sew the lids of potato and onion sacks. In addition, greenhouse yarn in industries such as: Handicrafts and to symbolize wooden works, Close the brooms are used, Tie the brick band with thread, Another use of greenhouse twine is to make the fishing net heavy.

Price inquiry and purchase of UV twine

The sale of high-quality UV greenhouse yarn using the best raw materials is carried out by Lavan Baft company. However, due to the changes and fluctuations of the currency and the dependence of the raw materials on the dollar price, this product does not have a fixed price and the conditions for online sales through this website are not available. But you can contact the numbers (00982188219612) available on the website of Lavan Baft company to find out how to buy and the price of UV greenhouse yarn and place your order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lavan Baft company's greenhouse twine non-flammable?

Yes, Lavan Baft company’s Salik greenhouse thread is non-flammable and does not catch fire when exposed to heat.

Can the greenhouse twine be ordered in different colors?

Yes, to know about the various colors of Salik greenhouse thread, please contact the numbers on the page.

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