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All you need to know to buy rope!

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As you know, a string of fibers twisted long and twisted together is called a rope. They have different genders and each one has different uses. Among others, we can mention ropes made of: wool, nylon, hemp, steel, linen, polypropylene and other different materials.

Important tips for buying rope

To buy a rope, we must consider some points that we will review here:

The purpose of purchase: The first thing to consider when buying different types of rope is for what purpose and application we want to get rope.

Material: After deciding what use we want the rope for, it is time to choose the material of the rope. As you know, the rope is divided into two main categories, natural and synthetic. Each of these two categories has different types, so we should choose one of them based on quality and durability.

Length: After choosing the type of rope, we must check to see how much rope we need. If we want the rope for everyday work, we will definitely need a smaller length.

Weight: In some cases, especially in the selection of marine ropes, the weight of the rope becomes important. If we want the rope for anchoring or towing, the rope must have a high weight. Keep in mind that basically, to buy rope in bulk, its price is calculated based on weight.

Thickness and density: Another thing to consider when buying a rope is the thickness and density of the rope, which should be considered based on the use of the rope.

Price: As you know, bulk purchase of rope will always be cheaper. In some cities, due to the existence of manufacturing factories, any type of rope can be wholesaled in special centers for buying and selling rope. For example, in Tehran, which has small and large factories, the sale of rope has been made in bulk, which also boosts the economic cycle. There are also these major rope buying and selling centers in cities such as Isfahan, Shiraz, Shahrekord, etc.

The use of hemp and plastic rope

Hemp rope is used for art works, games and entertainment, interior design of buildings, office complexes and also handicrafts. Hemp ropes are also used in shipping and marine industries.

Plastic ropes have many uses in daily life. For example, the sale of these ropes is used for companies that distribute plastic items as clothes hangers. Different types of plastic rope with different sizes and colors are packed daily and reach the consumer. Sometimes in dry and tropical regions, these plastic ropes are used to produce decorative works or straw weaving. In addition, these synthetic ropes are also used for well ropes or boxels or even cargo.

Buying plastic ropes

Plastic ropes are produced by twisted method. These ropes are also called nylon ropes. These ropes have a good position among buyers due to their reasonable price. To buy this type of rope, you should keep in mind the following points.

Raw materials of nylon ropes

Nylon or plastic ropes are in the category of synthetic fibers, whose primary materials include polyethylene and polypropylene. The primary material for making these ropes has two types of first grade, second grade and one and a half grade. The difference between these materials is that the first-grade material is obtained from petrochemicals and the second-grade material is obtained from the recycling of plastic materials and nylons.

Size and measurement

The diameter of this product varies from 2 mm to 32 mm. The larger the size of the rope, the heavier the rope will be. Also, the number of threads used to produce rope will increase exponentially. The length of plastic ropes in one piece starts from 100 meters and will be up to 500 meters. The reason for this difference is the size of the rope. In this way, the larger the size of the rope, the smaller its length and vice versa.


These ropes are packed in bags of 35 kg and up to 40 kg. There are between 2 and 6 rope ropes in each bag, and the number of these ropes depends entirely on the size of the rope; That is, the smaller the number of ropes, the greater the weight of the rope, and vice versa is also possible.


These ropes have a very reasonable price compared to other products. For example, the fishing rope used for marine purposes must be resistant to marine salts and moisture absorption, and also wear out later due to low weight. These ropes have high resistance to chemicals. The ropes made of first-grade material have white, yellow, and orange colors, and the ropes made of second-grade material have green, blue, and red colors.

Buying hemp rope

The material of these materials is in the natural fiber category of jute (hemp). To distinguish the quality of hemp fibers, you should pay attention to its color. The lighter the color of the fibers, the higher the quality. These fibers are made from the stem of the hemp plant, which after harvesting goes to the spinning factory and then they are used to produce rope.

Size and length of hemp rope

The diameter of this rope model is from 3 mm to 80 mm. The weight of the rope has a direct relationship with the number of threads involved in its production, and it is natural that the higher the density, the weight of the rope per meter will increase exponentially.

The size of this product in one piece is from 70 meters to 500 meters. The main reason for reducing or increasing the length of these ropes is the size of the rope; It means that the larger the length of a piece of rope, the smaller the size of the rope and vice versa.


Hemp ropes are mainly packed in 40 or 60 kg packages. The number of these groups in the packages has a direct relationship with the size of the rope, that is, the greater the number of groups in these packages, the smaller the size of the product. Hemp ropes are packed in two ways: a ball or a coil.


This type of rope is biodegradable or biomass. These ropes have the minimum amount of moisture, hemp ropes are produced by two methods Z-S and S-Z. The hemp ropes that are produced have 100% purity of hemp. The main color of hemp ropes is light brown. Of course, you can create color changes in these kenafs by adding a series of special colors.


In order to buy all kinds of ropes, comprehensive information is needed, and we have tried to cover all the necessary information in this article. In order to buy these products, I must have information about the types, materials and uses of different types of ropes. Therefore, in order to buy a suitable and high-quality rope, you must have sufficient knowledge of all types of ropes.

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