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Getting to know plastic marine rope

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Marine ropes are classified based on the type of fibers used in them, in terms of construction, in terms of strength and other factors. Plastic marine ropes (marine ropes made of synthetic fibers) as their name indicates, have various uses in the marine industry. Usually, this type of rope is produced by spinning polyethylene and polypropylene synthetic yarns. These types of threads have good strength and resistance against high weight, for this reason, these threads are used in the production of marine rope.

Who uses plastic marine rope?

Buying plastic marine rope can be used in different industries according to its production capacity and use. Shipping industries, seafaring, fishing, marine transportation in the passenger sector and export of goods and all jobs related to the sea can be the target market for purchasing this product. Marine ropes are usually produced in the form of three strands and eight strands, and some manufacturing companies use thin strands of wire in its core, which makes the marine rope stronger.

Types of plastic marine rope based on application

Marine ropes are classified into different types based on their efficiency and application:

Ship’s rope, anchoring and mooring

Mooring rope is used in the shipping industry. For this reason, this rope is also known as shipping rope. Rope has always played a very important role in this industry. Mooring rope is used in the shipping industry for various purposes. Ships are moored by mooring ropes. A rope is used to tie and keep the ship in the dock. Also, in order to restrain and keep the boxes and packages in the ship, they use a rope.

Tow rope

The most important principle in towing is the tightness of the connecting rope. This rope should be strong enough not to break under any circumstances.

fishing rope

Fishing rope is used by fishermen and boatmen for marine purposes and in the fishing industry. This rope is widely used due to the fact that it absorbs little water and is also an electrical insulator, and most importantly, it is strong and resistant to wear. This product is made of polypropylene and polyethylene polymer materials and has UV protection.

Types of plastic marine rope based on material

Plastic marine ropes are divided into different categories based on the raw materials of the manufacturer, which we will examine below:

Polypropylene marine rope

PP rope or polypropylene rope or synthetic silk rope is very light and does not sink in water. Polypropylene ropes can be produced in two types, three and eight strands. Three-strand ropes are usually used for tying vessels to the wharf, tying cargo to the deck, moving ships from the anchorage to the wharf, building stairs and rope bridges in ships, tying ships to each other, and also fishing units. Polypropylene ropes with eight braids are mainly used in the shipping industry.

Polypropylene ropes, due to properties such as light weight, non-absorption of water, resistance to acid and alkali, high abrasion durability, strength, ability to float on the surface of water, variety of colors and production, and no adverse effect on human health, are mainly substitutes for many From ropes, especially ropes made of natural fibers. Regardless of general use, marine rope has many uses in many industries such as marine industries, shipbuilding and shipping industries, agriculture, construction, fishing and fishing, drilling and military industries. All polypropylene ropes produced by Lavan Baft are made of 100% new polypropylene materials and UV stabilizer. UV stabilizer makes the rope very resistant to sunlight.

Polyethylene marine rope

This rope is placed in the plastic rope category. Among the characteristics of this type of rope, it can be mentioned that it is anti-radiation and resistant to ultraviolet rays. Mechanical strength, high abrasion durability, light weight and therefore easy handling, non-perishability and resistance to salts in sea water are only part of the characteristics of polyethylene rope. The following are the advantages of polyethylene rope:

  • Resistance to spoilage
  • Various colors
  • Anti-humidity and no water absorption
  • The ability to float
  • low weight
  • Mechanical strength and resistance
  • Resistance to salts in seas
  • High wear strength and durabilit

Applications of plastic marine rope

  • Tie all vessels to the dock
  • Packing loads on the deck of vessels
  • Barges and other marine structures
  • Transportation of ocean-going cargo ships from anchorage to wharf and vice versa by tugboat
  • Rope ladders (fighting ladders on ships and emergency ladders on ships)
  • Communication bridges
  • Connecting helicopters to the floating surface
  • Carrying military and logistic equipment (such as tanks and personnel carriers) by cargo planes and helicopters
  • Tie ships together
  • Diving training and subsurface operations
  • Towing a vessel by another vessel
  • Transportation of goods on ships
  • Dredging
  • Drilling oil wells
  • Oil extraction in the seas
  • Fishing units
  • Marine entertainment and tourism centers


In this article, you got acquainted with the types of marine plastic ropes and the uses of each one. Now you can make the right decision to buy the most suitable product based on the material and application. Choosing the right rope for your intended use will make the rope last longer and your work will go smoothly, which means it will save both money and time.

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