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نخ پلاستیکی

What is plastic thread and what types are there?

The long and narrow strands that are produced from synthetic fibers and plastic materials such as polyethylene and polypropylene and are spun by spinning multiple strands by spinning machines are called plastic yarn. Each of these products has special features based on the quality of raw materials and different thicknesses. Twisted plastic thread is used in all packaging cases in various agricultural, food, industrial, and household industries. In this article, we will examine what plastic thread is and what types it has.

Different types of plastic thread

This product has different models. According to the model, thickness and other features, the specifications of each one are different from the other. For example, gift thread is less thick, you must have seen its use in vegetable shops and sweets shops. Another model of these threads is used in agriculture, such as packaging thread, which has a greater thickness. These threads do not suffer from lint and rot and have good resistance to sun and humidity. These threads are available in rolls and in different colors.

spun yarn

It is most used in carrying furniture and packing cardboard. The better the transparency in this type of thread, the higher the quality of the thread. This yarn is mostly produced in red, smoky and white colors, and the white color is of better quality. Thick colored twisted packaging yarn is produced from four strands of twisted gift yarn, which has more resistance and durability than other yarns. Nylon packing thread is usually used a lot in these cases

Gift thread

You must have seen a lot in vegetable and sweet shops. Its thickness and weight is less than other types of packaging thread. Its price is more suitable and it is produced in rolled form in different colors. Candy wrapping thread and vegetable wrapping thread are among the uses of gift thread. Also, decorative hemp wrapping thread is one of the other uses of gift thread, which is used for gift wrapping and is fancy.

نخ گلخانه

Greenhouse yarn

Greenhouse thread is used in greenhouses to keep plants up and also to prevent crops from falling. Greenhouse twine is used in the cultivation of crops such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and other vegetables. By using these threads, you can grow more plants in your greenhouse and use the available space optimally. These threads are used in the packaging industry to secure and close the lids of cartons and boxes. Also, this product is used to sew the lids of potato and onion sacks. In addition, greenhouse thread is used in industries such as handicrafts and for marking wooden works, tying brick ties with thread, tying brooms, and for weighing fishing nets.

Polypropylene yarn

It is a type of synthetic thread whose polymer base is polypropylene. Polypropylene is a relatively compatible fiber with human skin. This yarn has many applications, the most used of which is in sanitary purposes and the production of micron spun yarn filters and all kinds of sacks. One of the most important uses of polypropylene yarn is in the production of machine-made carpets. The more common use of this product is in summer clothes (suitable for sweat removal), face masks for patients and hospitals, wall covering, concrete, table cloth and other cases.

Agricultural yarn

It is a type of polymer thread suitable for tying the bush. This type of thread is made of anti-UV materials and has a long life and high resistance, and it does not harm the plant in any way. It is one of the most widely used tools in agriculture for growing all kinds of summer crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and other plants. The way to use Agricultural twine is that you have to connect the bush to the thread, then connect the thread to the protector at the top of the greenhouse so that the plant grows and rises. You can grow the maximum number of plants with this method. Note that these types of threads have different thicknesses according to the type of product. Agricultural thread is also known as greenhouse thread.

نخ یونجه

baling thread

One of the most important uses of baling yarn is packing fodder, hay, etc. This thread is lighter than hemp threads and sisal threads. Polypropylene baling threads are used for packaging and other similar works, and most of the farmers use baling threads for the fodder packaging process. The high color variety in this product allows farmers to use different colors for packaging. Use products in different classifications. In fact, threads of a certain color range include similar products, and doing this technique for packaging makes the distribution process easy and fast. For example, all fodder products are identified using one color, and fruits and vegetables also have a special and unique color. The variety of colors of these yarns makes it easy for the workers to pack the agricultural products and classify and store the products without mistakes.

Baler thread

This type of thread is for packaging agricultural products. These threads are usually produced in red color in Iran and have different qualities. This type of thread is most used for pressing fodder, collecting straw and hay. Thick wrapping yarn is usually called baler. Agricultural packing thread must have an acceptable thickness so that it does not tear during packing. Baler twine is also known as press thread.

نخ بیلر

Thread reaper

Hay yarn is produced from polypropylene. Polypropylene has no special color and is biodegradable. Polypropylene is also resistant to moisture. Non-absorption of moisture is one of the characteristics that is useful in many cases. The flexibility of this material is one of its outstanding features. The amount of resistance of the reaper thread against tension is one of the important things that should be considered when buying and using it; The thread must have a good tensile strength, because there will be a possibility of its tearing, especially if a large amount of wheat or barley is packed. In addition to all the mentioned things, it is worth mentioning that the reaper thread is also approved for health and can be used safely.

Advantages of plastic thread

  • The price is right
  • easy access
  • good quality
  • High strength

Production of plastic yarn

For the production of these products, new and recycled raw materials, first grade plastic, polyethylene and polypropylene are used. become Every year, a large amount of all kinds of plastic threads are imported into our country. At the same time, in recent years, due to the existence of factories and producers of these products in many cities of the country, these production units have been able to meet the needs of the domestic market and meet the needs. There are a wide range of consumers of this product, and of course, with the growth of technology and industrial developments, there is even a capacity and potential for exporting all kinds of plastic yarn. Lavan Baft is one of the largest producers of all kinds of plastic threads from which you can get the product you need.

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